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Introduction of Web Technology and Its Usage

Have you ever given a thought how computers communicate with each other? Communication that takes place between computers is completely different from the way humans, instead, computers use some binary codes and commands. In every microsecond, millions and billions of codes are being processed to provide you information. The use of markup languages and multimedia packages are known as Web technology. It can also be defined as the interface between web servers and web clients. Web technologies use hypertext markup languages (HTML) and cascading style sheets (CSS) to process everything on the computer.

The Four Main Pillars of Web Technology

1.AngularJS:   It is the latest Java Script framework that lets you extend HTML vocabulary to your web page and applications with script tag. It allows you to extend the HTML attributes with Directives and also binds data to HTML with expression. You can use filters, modules, and controllers after completing our course. A controller is a Java script object that has attributes and functions. Through our Angular JS training program, you will be able to learn about Events, DOM, Http, Inputs, Forms and much more.

2.Node JS:   It is built on Google Chrome’s Java script run-time engine. It offers a free open source server environment and can be used to run various platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X and so on. We use various techniques to make it easy for you to learn Node.js course. This is used for developing I/O intensive web application. It can open, create, read, write, delete and close files on the server. You can even add, delete and modify data in your database through node.js.

3.ASP.NET:   ASP (Active Server Pages) is a development framework that is used for building web pages. The .NET framework is used for building cloud-based web applications on various operating systems. The pages designed using ASP.NET has an extension with .aspx and generally, the page designed using this are written in C# or VB.NET language. You can join the best Web Technology institute in Delhi to expertise in ASP.NET programming. Moreover, it can integrate with popular client-side frameworks and libraries.

4.Java:   It is the most popular computer programming language which is fast, reliable and secure. There is a lot to learn in Java that you can only learn through the best Java training institute in Dwarka Delhi. No matter whether you are an experienced programmer or a newbie in this field, you will able to write a Java application which can run on most operating systems. From the introduction of Java till its programming core, you will extract all the knowledge about this language.

Teqhub Web Technology Certification

Teqhub Web Technology Certification The Skills You Will Gain After Completing the Course.

1. Develop the World Wide Web and its associated technologies.
2. Learn about the client-server architecture and its communication protocols..
3. Design and develop web pages and web applications.
4. You will be able to program web pages using Java script.
5. Access formats and languages used in modern websites.
6. Design multi-platform web applications.
7. Understand the usage of development tools.
8. Use web technology in different fields.

What Makes Teqhub The First Choice Among Students and Professionals?.
1. Our web technology training in Delhi is designed by IT experts.
2. We cover the entire module in an understandable manner.
3. We help our students for interviews and also provide them with placement assistance.
4. Students can access out labs 365 days to complete their projects and practice for assignments.
5. We classrooms are equipped with the latest IT infrastructure.
6. You can access Extra time slot for further practice.
7. Students get free study material in form of tutorial videos, PDFs, soft copies and hard copies etc.
8. Each student gets personal attention from our instructors.
9. You can pay us using different payment modes such as debit card, master card, net banking or cash.
10. 99% of our students are capable of securing their place in big MNC and organizations.

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