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Course Objective

Learn all of the different aspects of full stack JavaScript development using the MEAN stack. We’re not talking about any generators or MEAN frameworks here, we’re talking about a full understanding of MongoDB, Express, AngularJS and Node.js. Throughout this course we’ll show you how to use each of these technologies, and how to use them together.

This course is meant for anyone who wants to start building full stack JavaScript applications in Node.js, AngularJS, Express and MongoDB. It starts from the basic concepts of each technology, so user’s experienced in a particular area will be able to speed through these sections. This course assumes you have some JavaScript knowledge, and does not teach JavaScript itself.

Course Prerequisites:

You should have a basic understanding of JavaScript and any text editor. As we are going to develop web-based applications using AngularJS, it will be good if you have an understanding of other web technologies such as HTML, CSS, AJAX, etc.

TEQHUB Institute provides best Mean Stack  training in Delhi that is based on industry standard learnings that assists students in getting placements in top MNCs. It is one of the most capable institutes in Delhi that offers hands on real time industry based projects and a deep practical knowledge with full job assistance. With a well equipped high tech infrastructure, Training Basket has become one of the best and well known Mean Stack training centres in Delhi.

TEQHUB Institute’s Mean Stack course will provide the basic as well as deep knowledge also. Here, you will also be trained to create your own private Mean Stack platform and its deployment on real projects on live project. With highly skilled trainers, TEQHUB Institute aims to provide the best training in Delhi hence leading to positive results by placing our students in the highly demanded Mean Stack profiles in top MNCs.


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Key Features

Biggest pool of Industry Experts

Certified experts with rich training experience

Live Instructor-led Training

This isn’t canned learning. Its dynamic, its interactive, its effective

Real-life Case Studies

Live project based on any of the selected use cases, involving implementation of the concepts

Dedicated Job-Portal

500+ Recruiter Connect for 100% placement assistance

Instructor-led Classroom Classes

Course Training Plan

Course Details of User Interface (UI)

  • Javascript and ES 6 Primer

    • Javascript and ES 6 Primer
    • Basic Javascript
    • Object Based Javascript
    • Virtual DOM
    • Let and Const
    • Template Strings
    • Lambda/Arrow Func
    • Modules
  • Why Use TypeScript
  • Basic Types
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Type Definions
  • Compiling TypeScript
  • Introducon to JSON
  • Uses of JSON
  • JSON Datatype
  • JSON Object
  • JSON Schemas
  • Real -time environmental setup with GitHub
  • Node / NPM
  • Git
  • Applicaon File Structure
  • Angular CLI
  • 4Code Editors
  • What is Angular?
  • Advantages Of Angular
  • Disadvantages Of Angular
  • Key Features of Angular
  • Comparison Between Angular6 with Other Frameworks
  • Why use Modules
  • NgModule
  • Declaraons
  • Providers
  • Imports
  • Bootstrapping
  • The Core Module
  • Shared Modules
  • Introducon to Components
  • Component Architecture Paerns
  • Decorator Metadata
  • Inputs and Outputs
  • Inline vs External
  • Template Expressions
  • Data Bindings
  • *ngIf else and *ngFor
  • Built-in Structural Direcves
  • Built-in Aribute Direcves
  • Built -in Pipes
  • Custom Pipes

• Introducon to Services
• Building a Service

  • Introducon to Dependency Injecon
  • Injectors & Providers
  • Component LifeCycle
  • Using ngOnInit
  • Introducon to lifecycle Hooks
  • The Component Router
  • Defining Routes
  • Navigaon
  • Child Routes
  • Introduction to form
  • Template-driven forms
  • Validation
  • Introduction to Reactive Forms
  • FormGroup & FormControl
  • Introduction to Async
  • Observables vs Promice
  • @Inp ut()
  • @Output()
  • Third –Party NPM Package
  • Discussing the Previous Interview Questions
  • Implementing the Mini Project
  • Introducon Node.js
  • Why Node.js ?
  • Feature of Node.js
  • Node.js Installaon & configuraon
  • Where to use Node ?
  • Server-side JavaScript
  • Asynchronous events vs. threads
  • Performance
  • Server ulisaon

Introducon to NPM
Installing module with npm
Global Vs Local installaon
Updang a module
Deleng a Module

What is Event Loop?
Event Driven Programming
Event Emier
Call back funcon

  • What is HTTP protocol?
  • Creang HTTP server
  • Render a response
  • Process query strings
  • Use of (REST) Representaonal State Transfer
  • Synchronous and asynchronous I/O operaon
  • Path and directory operaon
  • filename and dirname commands
  • Asynch reads and writes operaons on file
  • Use of buffers for binary data
  • Flowing and non-flowing streams
  • Streaming of I/O from files and sources
  • Asynch Processing of streams
  • Event handler configuraon
  • Introducon to NOSQL DB
  • Overview of DB
  • Adv of NOSQL DB
  • Type of NOSQL DB
  • Introducon to MongoDB
  • Installaon and Configuraon of MongoDB
  • Start and Stop MongoDB
  • Connecon with Javascript and Node.js
  • Stac and Dynamic Schemas
  • Data Modeling
  • Create databas
  • Introducon to Collecon
  • Collecon Vs Tables
  • Create Collecon
  • Drop Collecon
  • Operaon on MongoDB
  • Create document
    Insert Document
    Update Document
    Delete Document
    Nested Document
  • MongoDB – Limit Records
  • MongoDB – Sort Records
  • MongoDB – Indexing
  • MongoDB – Create Backup
  • What is framework ?
    Express.js Overview
    Installing Express.js
    Request & Response
    Request Object
    Response Object
    HTTP method with Node
    Serving stacs file
    REST with Node.js
    Connect MongoDB to express with Mongoose
    Crud Operaons
  • Discussing the Previous Interview Quesons


Classroom Instructor-led training is much more effective than online training. The face-to- face classroom sessions not only make you more focused but also more employable in the job market.

Our trainers are highly qualified, Certified experts with rich training experience. All of our highly qualified trainers are industry experts with at least 10-12 years of relevant teaching experience. Each of them has gone through a rigorous selection process which includes profile screening, technical evaluation, and a training demo before they are certified to train for us. We also ensure that only those trainers with a high alumni rating continue to train for us.

The course curriculum, quality of trainers and lab facilitates at TEQHUB Institute are unparallel with respect to any other IT Institute. Also, Training Basket is Red Hat Certified Training Partner with , offering Programmes based on latest Technologies.

Your performance will be assessed based on an online examination conducted at TEQHUB Institute.

If you miss any class, based on the available batches, you can request to attend the required class(es) again. And moreover, the TEQHUB Institute is always available to lend you a helping hand.

Yes of course! You can attend extra classes, speak to your faculty and get your doubts cleared.

Payment methods vary from person to person. Get it clarified from the counsellor when you are enrolled. You can also opt for NO-EMI- installment-credit card method of payment.

Yes, of course! TEQHUB Institute  has an exclusive placement portal for its students under JobBasket, which provides placement assistance. Also, improve your English speaking and writing skills to enhance your employability and gain interview skills.

Students have to bring their laptop. Installation of software related to technology and practice/lab can be done easily.

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TeqHub in Dwarka More offers short-term courses and certificate courses. Inclusive of comprehensive learning, the long-term programmes feature subjects such as web development,financial accountancy, computer application and programming, information technology, multimedia and web-designing.