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Understand Tally ERP9 and Its Features

Tally is the word related to counting. Basically, the word originated from the Latin word stick. Tally means adding up something. A Tally is an accounting software that most accounting business and companies use. Tally is release with it new version known as ERP that enhances the functionality of tally at an extended level. Tally ERP9 is used to generate accounting and inventory masters, vouchers and reports. Tally ERP9 is designed for the growth of the business. With the help of Tally, you can manage your business accounts and compliance. With the names of your employees till his her duties, remuneration, work, groups and other things.
Some of Tally ERP9 Are As Follow:

1. Simple account management that includes GST invoicing, sales and purchase management, and multi-currency support.
2. One stop solution for GST compliance and support for previous Tax Regimes VAT/CST, Excise, TDS and TCS.
3. Support for banking transaction, managing cheques and easy bank reconciliation.
4. Faster access to business reports like generating balance sheets and P/L statement and interest calculation.
5. Inventory management in a flexible way.
6. Easy application management along with backup and restore data.
7. The data is easy to share and synchronize. You can even access your business data remotely in a secure manner.
8. Payroll accounting and salary processing.
9. Setting budget and tracking variance. Along with this, it can also be used for business forecasting and setting credit limits.
10. Managing job work and manufacturing journal and bills of business material.
11. Multilingual capability is an add-on.
12. Tally Vault gives the user enhanced security.

Join Tally ERP9 Course At the Best Tally Training Center in Delhi

1. From basic to advanced level of Tally ERP9.
2. Good and service tax (GST).
3. Benefit and features of Tally with its uses.
4. Creation, opening, modification, deleting and closing and selection of the company.
5. Learn to set-up group, ledger and voucher types.
6. Creating, modifying, displaying and deleting inventory/stocks and items.
7. Learn everything about VAT.
8. Advanced inventory vouchers and usage of voucher in Tally.
9. Reporting balance sheet.
10. Multilingual capabilities of Tally.
11. Manage multiple accounts using the control center.
12. Tally.NET and remote capabilities.
13. Backup and restore.
14. Managing Tally vault and security control.
15. Import and export data.
16. Book and statements of Accounts.
17. Tally ERP9 utilities.
18. Payroll.
19. Short-cut keys and rules.

Tally Certification Course at Tally Institute in Dwarka Delhi.

Why Teqhub is Right Choice for Tally Course?

There are so many institutes in Delhi NCR who claim to be the best in Delhi NCR but when it comes to proving this, then almost 90% of them fail to do so. But when we talk about Teqhub, we can claim to be the best because of our faculty and students. We feel happy when our students secure their place in big companies learning our courses.

1. We work with experienced and professional Tally masters.
2. Result oriented course.
3. We train our candidates through advanced teaching techniques and practicalknoeledge.
4. Flexible batch timing and days. Our lab is open for 365 days thus students can plan their schedule accordingly.
5. Personal attention is given to all the students and we prefer to for question answer section where students can clear their doubts and teachers can examine the students skills.
6. Audio-video training session makes the learning easy and less monotonous.
7. Our trainers not only help in completing the live projects but also train them for an interview.
8. Our labs are equipped with ultra-modern technology and latest infrastructure.
9. Teqhub offers the best fee structure in Delhi NCR.
10. Difficult technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.
11. Group discussions, mock interview, and presentation are done to enhance our students skill.
We offer the best Tally ERP9 training in Delhi as we cover the entire course modules though experts. You have all the reasons to join Teqhub to be a professional in Tally.

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