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Acquire Expertise In Networking Through Our Elite Training Program

Computer Networking is a process of transporting and exchanging data over the network nodes with respect to hardware, software, and protocol. Networking includes both wired and wireless technology. Networking lets a device and endpoints get connected to each other on LAN or WAN. Through computer networking, a service provider, businessman, organization, and consumers can share resources with each other. This also allows them to offer and utilize services and communicate with each other. It is through Networking that you are able to use phones, send a text message, use social media, exchange videos, and audios etc.

Large enterprises use hundred and thousands of nodes and have high-level security requirements like end-to-end encryption. All this need specialized administrators who can operate and oversee the network. Networking Course can be a big step towards success. It can give a boom to your technical career. N+ training is essential for an IT professional to design and implement a functional network. Network+ will make you proficient in troubleshooting, configuring and managing Network. Teqhub is one of the top Cisco certification training institutes in Delhi that focuses on CCNA and CCNP training along with N+ preparations. We are the only institute in Delhi which offer Networking course with top-quality technical know-how at economical fee structure.

N+ (Network +) Network+ certification and training will let you manage, maintain, troubleshoot, install and configure basic computer network. N+ training can give your career a distinctive approach in the fields of networking and telecommunications. This is an essential part of networking that will make you skilled in managing network related issues.

Networking is divided in two parts:-

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

CCNA is a certification program from Cisco that is designed to lay the foundation of networking skills. If you have CCNA certification, you will be able to install, configure, operate and troubleshoot routed and switched network. A CCNA professional will be able to connect to remote sites through WAN (world area network), understand basic networking concepts, migrate network security threats and understand networking terminology. To be a master in this, the first step will be joining the best CCNA training Center in Delhi.


1. Components of Network.
2. Characteristics of Network.
3. Identify wired network-to-network connection.
4. Install LAN wiring components.
5. Troubleshoot and manage network.
6. Monitor Network resources.
7. Network Communication methods.
8. Networking models.
9. TCP/IP services.
10. TCP/IP Addressing and Data Delivery.
11. LAN and WAN Infrastructure.
12. System and Network Security.
13. Remote Networking.
14. Control Access to the network.

CCNA Route & Switch

1. Networking Concept.
2. Network Operations.
3. Network Security.
4. Infrastructure.
5. Network tools.
6. Operating IP data Network.
7. LAN Switching Technologies.
8. IP Addressing.
9. IP Routing technologies.
10. IP Services.
11. Network Device security.
12. WAN Technologies.
13. Network troubleshooting.
14. Scaling and connecting network.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP).

CCNP is a specialized training given to professionals for implementing, maintaining and planning Ciscos network solutions products. Teqhub is providing CCNP certification in Delhi which will help you be a master in troubleshooting, installing and maintaining both LAN and WAN for about 100 to 500 nodes. This course will make you an expert in a wide range of network features and protocols. We will also prepare our students for the CCNP examination through a series of practice exams.

CCNP Curriculum

1. Implement an EIGRP based solutions.
2. Create an EIGRP implementation plan.
3. Configure EIGRP routing.
4. Implement a multi-area OSPF network.
5. Create and Configure OSPF routing.
6. Implement an eBGP based solutions.
7. Document result of eBGP implementation and verification.
8. Implement IPv6 based solution.
9. Configure and verify the IPv6 solution.
10. Implement an IPv4 or IPv6 based redistribution solution.
11. Create VLAN implementation & Verification plan.
12. Implement Layer 3 path control solution.
13. Create an implementation plan for security solutions.

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