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Understand Programming Language in Some Simple Words

A computer language which is also known as a programming language is a set of instructions which is used by the computer to process a different kind of outputs. This kind of language works on a specific algorithm and can be used to create programs. Just like there are a number of human based languages are there, there are computer languages as well. Computers understand a part of this language which is known as binary and translating computer language into the binary is known as compiling. Each language has its own features which are distinctively used to process large and complex swaths of information.

The programming language has four levels. At the top, it is Highlevel Language which we can call human language and then it comes to Assembly Language that is symbolic machine code. A utility program transforms assembly codes into executable machine codes. One need to compile or interpret the high level language to convert it into machine language and then at last level comes the computer hardware. There are a number of programming languages available, let us discuss some of them here.

Teqhub: The Best Programming Language Institute In Delhi

Teqhub Delhi is recognized as one of the top Programming language institutes in Delhi. We have separate training modules for beginners, intermediates, and experts. This is a pocket-friendly Java training institute which offers the best fee structure in Delhi/NCR. We have specialized trainers for a different programming language. Whether you are looking for the best Python training institute or topmost C++ training center, Teqhub is one spot solution for all. We have modern labs which are equipped with the latest devices and facilities that are necessary to give you a learning environment. You can come and join us to learn C, C++, Python and Java languages that can help you build your future in the programming field. Our specialized trainers will help you boost the confidence level by helping you face real-life challenges through practical. Candidates who complete their computer language course with us get a plethora of job opportunities in the industry.

Some Most In-Demand Programming Languages:

1.Java:  Java is almost 20 years old and this programming language is used by millions of developers all over the world and is used on billions of devices around the world. It is the main language used in most of the Android apps. This language is compatible with most of the hardware and operating systems through the Java Virtual machine.

2.Python:   Python language is quite simple and is extremely easy to read because the language resembles English only. It is an interpreted, object-oriented and high-level programming language. This is the most commonly used language for web development and most supported language for software developers.

3.C:   C programming language is a high-level computer language that is used for developing firmware and portable applications. This was developed in the early 1973s by Dennis Ritchie for writing system software. It is the base of many computer languages. It is a flexible language that is used for a variety of applications.

4.C++:   C++ is also a general purpose programming language which is based on its earlier version language. The applications written in C++ include Adobe, Microsoft applications, and a large portion of Mac OS/X and so on. Many programs find it difficult to learn and use as compared to Java and Python.

Some of Programming Languages are below:-

Java Training

1. Introduction and features of Java language.
2. Core Java.
3. Advanced Java.
4. Installing Java.
5. J2EE.
6. Design Patterns.
7. Css3.
8. Array and Strings.
9. Developing Java programs.
10. Basic language elements.
11. Java language constructs.
12. Linux commands and Linux architecture.
13. Java Excel API.
14. Agile.
15. GUI Programming.

Python Course

1. Basic Introduction of the language.
2. Python data types.
3. Python functions, modules, and packages.
4. File operation.
5. Object Oriented Programming (Oops).
6. Regular Expression.
7. Inside of Python Object system.
8. Testing and Debugging.
9. Software development practice.
10. Iterators and Generators.
11. CGI introduction.
12. Exception Handling.
13. Python Multithreading.
14. Database interaction.
15. Sending emails using Python.

C Programming Language

1. What is C language.
2. Functions of this language.
3. Constants in C language.
4. Setting up and Installing C language.
5. Arrays.
6. Strings Handling.
7. Statements in C language with practices.
8. Pointers.
9. File Operation.
10. Preprocessor Directives.
11. Structure and Unions.
12. Searching and sorting.
13. Data structure.
14. Command line and Variable Arguments.
15. Operators and Enum.

C++ Language

1. Introduction of C++.
2. Types and declarations.
3. Pointers.
4. Array.
5. Pointers into Array.
6. Expressions and statements.
7. Functions.
8. Oops concept.
9. Input and Output in C++.
10. Inheritance.
11. Polymorphism.
12. Templates.
13. Namespaces and Exceptions.
14. Operator overloading.
15. Storage management.

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