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Brief Introduction of Computer Hardware and Networking

Hardware is a physical part or component of any electronic device or machine such as Computer. A computer machine is able is work with its internal and external hardware parts. Internal hardware includes motherboard, hard drive, and RAM ensures the functionality of the computer is known as its components, whereas, the external hardware includes a monitor, keyboard, printer, scanner etc are known as peripherals and are must for computer functioning. The main body of the computer is known as the system unit. A computer cannot solely work on hardware, it also needs software and firmware for proper functioning, otherwise, a computer is just a lifeless device. If you are planning to start your career in computer support domain then you need to have to have good knowledge about computer hardware and networking. Once you have completed the course from best hardware training institute in Delhi, you will become skilled in Network management and administration. You will learn to install and troubleshoot advanced server and system software, along with that you will also able to handle Information Security and administration software. All-in-all after completing the course, you will be able to install, manage, configure and troubleshoot different hardware and networking resources in an effective manner. This hardware and networking course will give the job-ready results to our aspiring students.

Course & Curriculum of Hardware Institute in Dwarka Delhi

We have customized our curriculum for both novices and pros accordingly. We drafted our course after extensive discussion with IT professionals so that we can offer the best curriculum to our students that will help them face real-life challenges associated with hardware and networking. Our course inculcates both practical and theoretical sessions and we make sure that our students take active participation in everything.

Attributes of Hardware Certification Program

TeqHub is Defined as the Best Hardware Institute

1. Other than hardware training course, we also have some other additional courses meant for you.
2. We have special video presentations meant for our ambitious students.
3. CompTIA A+ certification from Teqhub is trusted by hiring companies.
4. Vast career opportunities open up after getting your certification from us.
5. The course curriculum is designed to make you job ready from the very first day.
6. Through our amazing faculty, even a student with a non-technical background will able to understand the concept of hardware and networking easily.
7. You can always get your queries answered from our professionals within the shortest time period and even after completing the course.
8. We charge the minimal fees from our students, you can compare our price from other, you will find that we have the best fee structure in Delhi.
If you still have any doubts then get in touch with us, we are always available to provide you with free counseling over the course. Even you can take a free demo class to get more clearance.

Hardware Curriculum

CompTIA A+ Syllabus

CompTIA A+ is a certification course for technical support and IT operational roles. In this, A+ is referred to a process which was developed by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association). It is more than a simple PC repair. CompTIA A+ is a qualifying exam which covers all the components and peripherals of computer hardware. One will be able to install, maintain, customize and operate a computer after completing this course. Our course curriculum is vast and beneficial and it includes the following.
1. Introduction with computer peripherals and components
2. Storage devices
3. Configuration of BIOS settings
4. Identifying, using and connecting hardware devices
5. Installing and configuring Windows OS
6. Troubleshoot PC and Mobiles
7. Fix hardware or network issue
8. Identify and protect security vulnerability
9. Install and configure computers and mobiles
10. Supporting printers and scanners
11. Network technologies
12. Managing network connections
13. The concept of LAN, MAN, and WAN
14. Learn about the Motherboard and Microprocessor
15. Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS)
16. Installation of application, software, and drivers.
17. IP Addressing
18. Open System Interconnection (OSI)
19. Creating a network
20 Various types of memory used

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