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Why choose TEQHUB?

Qualified Teachers

TEQHUB will provide well-qualified faculties who do have more than 10 years experience in the field of ethical hacking.

Interactive Classroom Sessions

We provide classroom training sessions on Live Projects where students will have hands-on training experience.

Small Batch Size

In order to have individual attentions to each students, we make small size of batches i.e normally of 6 to 7 students only

Competitive Prices

For the same 30 modules, other institutes are charging more than 30 thousands but here at TEQHUB we are charging only 15 thousands.

Official Curriculum

The curriculum for the ethical hacking is designed by expert ethical hackers and based on latest concepts in the market.

Vendor-Certified Hacking Course

The ethical hacking course offered by TEQHUB is certified and students will get certifications after the clearance of exam

Best Ethical Hacking Training In Delhi

Course Objective

What is Ethical Hacking and Role of Ethical Hackers?

Ethical hacking as the term denotes is used for ethical, legal or good reasons. Ethical Hackers work similarly to any other black hat hacker or cracker but their aim is to provide complete security to any system to prevent other black hat hackers. They find out the loopholes in any operating systems and apply complete security to it so that other hackers would not able to attack the system. Black hat hackers are actually the cyber criminals and ethical hackers are the cyber police. Both had weapons with them but one is using it protect others and other one is using it for damage others. Ethical Hackers do have sound knowledge as what measures that a black hat hacker can take to damage the systems, therefore they applied the security to the system accordingly and thus make the system of any organization completely safe and secure. Role of Ethical Hackers There can lots of roles and responsibilities for an ethical hacker, but to summarize their roles and responsibilities a White hat hacker can do the following for an organization: They can find out the vulnerabilities and loopholes in any IT system. Ethical Hackers can also suggest the list of steps that should be taken to prevent the risk on a system and can also provide the system complete security. They can recommend any organization about the detailed report and analysis related to security of any IT system.

Career Opportunities & Job prospects in Ethical Hacking

As the cyber crimes are increasing day by day worldwide the need for the ethical hackers is also increasing. Ethical hackers are now the backbone of any IT security system. However, there is a wide gap between the demand and supply of ethical hackers. There are only few ethical hackers and the world is required more. Therefore, the scope of a fresher in ethical hacking is lucrative not only in India but throughout the world. Internet Security & Network Security are two major fields where the ethical hackers can find the path to build their career in hacking and information security. Ethical hackers are hired by the companies to find out the loopholes and vulnerability that may be exist in any network and thus also provide the solution to fix them. The need of ethical hackers is in both the private and Govt. Sector including the railways, banks, airlines, hotels, IT companies etc. The defence and military law is not away from the scope of ethical hackers and even in the military, army, air force, forensic laboratories, detective agencies, CBI, National Security Agency, Federal Bureau of Information, they all required the skills of an ethical hacker. Even the private sector requires lots of ethical hackers today to audit their systems. Some well known companies such as Wipro, Infosys, HCL, TCS, IBM, Tech Mahindra, Quick Heal, Microsoft, Airtel, Reliance and many more companies are looking to hire skilled and professional ethical hackers today. An Ethical hacker can work as a network security administrator, Internet Security administrator, IT system security manager, security executive, web security manager and so on.

Institutes offering courses to become a Certified Ethical Hacker

There are lots of Institutes in India including Delhi which are offering certificate and diploma courses in Ethical Hacking and Information security fields such cyber forensics, Exploit writing, information security etc. Even a well known organization i.e EC Council offers several information security courses including CEH (Certified ethical hacker), CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator) etc .

Why Should I Join Ethical Hacking from TEQHUB?

TEQHUB is one of the top institutes in Delhi offering practical training on live projects for ethical hacking. You will learn here the practical implementation of all the software we provide. You will get all the updated software and study material for ethical hacking plus the certification from our side. After the completion of the course, you will be able to crack the required CEH exam also.


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The Best Tutors of Ethical Hacking

Mr. Abhishek Madan is Certified Ethical Hacker at TEQHUB Institute. With an overall 8+ years of IT training industry experience.

Abhishek Madan

Certified Ethical Hacker



Yes, we will completely assist you in getting the job. Our course is designed in such a way that you will be able to learn all the advance techniques and tricks of ethical hacking and thus can expect a great career opportunity in ethical hacking.

Anyone who is interested in making his/her career in IT Security field can join this course. Students from IT background such as from B.Tech, M.Tech, BCA, MCA can also join this course. Army Professionals, cyber law students and anyone who would like to secure their digital assets can join ethical hacking course.

As it is a software based hacking program and we will teach you the hacking techniques and tricks through software only, you don’t require any kind of programming or technical knowledge to join this ethical hacking course.

Yes even after you complete the course, we will provide you complete assistance in getting the placement, will sort out all queries and can also provide you extra classes for free of cost.

Yes we do offer the facility wherein you can contact us to organize workshops, seminars or corporate training at your premises or at your college or school as well. To get more information about your course visit:

Yes, we will provide you software tool kit comprises of all the essential software, also the study material and after the successful completion of the course, we will also provide you the certificate as well.

You can work as Security Administrator, Information Security Expert, Penetration Tester, Security Analyst, and Ethical Hacking Trainer after the successful completion of the course.

Having extensive experience in the field of cyber and network security, our hacking team comprises of professional Ethical Hackers. TEQHUB also helps lots of IT Companies by providing them security. You will be allotted a trainer that has several years of experience in the field of ethical hacking and provide you complete guidance to build up your career.


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TeqHub in Dwarka More offers short-term courses and certificate courses. Inclusive of comprehensive learning, the long-term programmes feature subjects such as web development,financial accountancy, computer application and programming, information technology, multimedia and web-designing.