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What do You Understand by Database?

A Database in general words is a collection of data that is stored inside a computer. Such kind of data can be accessed in different ways. The Database allowsthe storage and modification of data. For example, the electricity service of your state is using the database to manage bills, customer queries, and other things related to a customer or a particular area. Facebook and Instagram are another examples of Database as they store and manipulate data related to your friend list and followers.

Teqhub Delhi Database Certification

Opt for the Best Database Training Center In Delhi

Leaning Database at Teqhub will open new doors of opportunities for you. In our Database Course, we will teach you and make you proficient in Database elements so that it becomes easy for you to access and manipulate data in different databases. We training program opts for practical and efficient ways to make our students work even with complex databases. Our Database institute in Dwarka Delhi the professional environment it offers to its students with thorough learning that matches current industry standards.
1. Our training is meant to give fruitful results.
2. The training teaches everything related to Oracle and SQL in depth.
3. We train you about new technologies and database in such a way that you can put it all at the time of work.
4. Students will also get interview and placement assistance.
5. We provide course material that includes books, soft copies, PDF documents, and sample papers.
6. We even facilitate our students with the extra time slot in which they do practicals without paying any extra charges.
7. Even the complex topic will look simpler because we use different teaching aids.
8. If required then students can even retake classes without any additional cost.

Oracle Database

The data that is treated as units is known as Oracle database. This kind of database is used to store and recollect information. The database server manages that large amount of data in a multiuser environment so that people can have access to that data but it doesnít allow any unauthorized access to this data. This is the most flexible and economical way of managing data and applications. This kind of database is designed especially for enterprise grid computing. It has a physical and logistic structure that are separate from each other so that one can manage and modify physical structure without disturbing the logistic one.

The Course of Oracle Database Includes the Following topic:


1. Introduction for Oracle DBA
2. Physical and logistic structure of Database
3. Details instructions for types of files
4. System Global Area (SGA) and background process
5. Different startup and shutdown mode
6. Database Creation
7. Learn about segments and extents
8. Oracle Blocks
9. Dictionary managed and locally managed table space
10. Different storage parameters
11. Database user management
12. Use of DDL statement to create and manage table
13. Level of authentication and security
14. Data manipulation statement
15. Undo management
16. Flashback features, table, and query
17. Learn about spfile and pfile


1. Introduction of SQL
2. Installation of the test environment
3. Usage of SQL commands
4. Databases and tables
5. Understanding NULL
6. Filtering data, removing duplicates and sorting in order
7. Inserting and deleting rows and columns
8. Understating how the relationship works in SQL
9. Detailed knowledge about SQL Strings
10. Role of Numbers in SQL
11. Dates in SQL
12. Learn about aggregate function
13. Complete knowledge about Triggers in SQL
14. Creating a simple subselects
15. Creating a view or joined view
16. Importing and exporting database using SQL
17. Touring the CURD Application
18. The INSERT, DELETE, SELECT and UPDATE function

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