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Build Your Career By Joining Teqhub, A Cloud Computing Training Institute

Teqhub is one of the Best Cloud Computing training Center in Delhi because it keeps itself updated with industry standards and new technology. With us, you can materialize your dream in working in best national and international companies. We not only provide you just theoretic knowledge, but we also deliver practical knowledge by implementing everything you have learned with us on live projects. Our live training sections are conducted by top-class corporate professionals who hold years of experience in this field. The students who complete Cloud Computing course with us has secured their job in big MNCs. We offer flexible timing and duration to our students, they can choose to join our classes on weekdays as well on weekends, and this allows them to resume their job and other professional commitments without any hurdle. Our classrooms are having a high-tech infrastructure and are equipped with the latest technology and facilities that help students grasp knowledge in the most convenient manner. The friendly yet professional atmosphere lets you clear you doubt as many times as you want. We dont abandon our students once the course is complete, we stay by their side until they need.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing- A Kind of Internet-Based Processing
In Cloud Computing the word Cloud is metaphor used for Internet and Computing signified to the Internet-Based registering. It is like outsourcing of computer program so that the computer user will be able to access their software and applications from wherever they are. It provides the most convenient way to access servers, storage, databases and a vast number of application services over the internet. It is a remote server provided by the internet so that you can easily store, manage and process data. Now you dont have to worry about storing and processing data over a local server or on your personal computer. This keeps your data secure as well as easily accessible from anywhere. Cloud Computing Course And Syllabus Teqhub is a cloud computing institute in Dwarka Delhi which covers all the topics that are necessary to become a cloud computing professional. After joining us, you will be able to access the knowledge about the following:
1. Definition & Components of Cloud Computing.
2. Key Drivers of Cloud Computing solutions.
3. Categorizing service types.
4. Categorizing and inspecting SaaS technologies.
5. Minimize the need for local hardware and software.
6. Exploring the technical solution for PaaS.
7. Managing Cloud storage.
8. Enabling technologies.
9. Draw infinite storage capacity.
10. Monitoring cloud=based services.
11. Accessing laaS.
12. Calculating the financial implications.
13. Safeguarding access to assets in the cloud.
14. Avoiding vendor lock-in.
15. Implementing web services: SOAP, REST.
16. Optimizing the cost and performance.
17. Planning and enabling migration.
18. Employing support service.

Difference Between Private Cloud and Public Cloud

Once you have understood the basic cloud computing, then you will understand that there are different ways to deploy cloud resourced which are the public and private cloud. Although, both these scenarios are similar in terms of benefits, reliability performance and scale, but yet they are different.
Reasons Why Teqhub is the Leading Cloud Computing Training Center
You must be wondering why should you join Teqhub when there are so many other training institutes available in the market. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:
1. Our training programs are based on live training projects and the latest industry standards.
2. We utilize the training curriculum provided by placement companies. This ensures your job security.
3. The faculty consists of certified professionals who have more than 10 years of experience.
4. We are offering the best fee structure in NCR with flexible payment options.
5. Teqhub focuses on preparing their students to meet industry standard, challenges and face interviews.
6. Our tech labs are equipped with latest versions of hardware as well as software.

You got all the reasons to join Teqhub to fulfill your dreams and achieve success in IT World. We grow with the growth of our students!

Types of Cloud:-

Private Cloud

A private cloud is also known as internal or enterprise cloud, in this case, your data is protected behind the firewall. This type of cloud is exclusively used by ones business or an organization. The service and infrastructure are always maintained on a private network and everything is limited to your organization.

Public Cloud

This is the most common way of utilized in the cloud computing world. The internet is used by the service provider to make everything available to the general public. Amazon EC2 and Microsoft Azure are the best examples of the public cloud. In this case, everything is owned by the cloud provider.

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